354 Child Support Laws in Texas

354 Child Support Laws in Texas

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Texas Statutes

Library Print Materials

Vernon’s Texas Family Code Ann.  [Texas Collection, 2nd floor, north end].  

§§ 154.001 et seq. Numerical guidelines begin at §154.121. Examine all of the sections, however, for a complete understanding of support orders. 

§§ 156.001 et seq.  Modification of child support.

§§ 157.001 et seq.  Enforcement of child support.

§§ 158.001 et seq. Withholding from earnings for child support.

§§ 159.001 et seq. Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.  Reciprocal enforcement of support orders between states and other proceedings to establish, enforce, or modify support orders. 

Handbook of Texas Family Law (Current Year) [Texas Collection, 2nd floor, KFT 1294 .A3 A19].  Annual edition contains the complete Texas Family Code and a Quick Reference text with citations to relevant cases, CLE materials and applicable federal law. 


Texas Family Code at http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/?link=FA.  For updates from the 80th Legislative Session (2007), go to Texas Legislature Online; click on Sections Affected to retrieve bills updating the above-referenced statutory sections.

Practice Guides & Form Collections

Texas Family Law Practice Manual, State Bar of Texas. [2nd Floor, Reserve, KFT 1294 .S8]. Five volume loose-leaf set.. Designed for the practicing attorney, this service includes explanatory notes and sample forms. Each chapter begins with a detailed table of contents. See:

  1. Petition to Modify Parent-Child Relationship. Vol. 4, Ch. 32, Form 32-1.
  2. Motion for Enforcement of Child Support Order and Order to Appear. Vol. 3, Ch. 24, Form 24-3.

Texas Family Law Practice and Procedure [2nd Floor, Reserve, KFT 1294 .F352].  Four volume loose-leaf service. See Vol. 1, § B3.01, et seq., Calculating Child Support.

TexasLawHelp.org-- Numerous free legal forms.

Texas Litigation Guide [2nd Floor, Reserve, KFT 1730 .T4]. Multi-volume loose-leaf service with alphabetical index. Each chapter provides explanatory materials, a drafting guide, a research guide listing other relevant sources, and a forms section. See vol. 22:  Ch. 371A, Child Support; and vol. 23:  Ch. 372, Enforcement of SAPCR (Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship) Orders and Ch. 373, Modifying Support Orders.  

Texas Practice Guide: Family Law [2nd Floor, Reserve, KFT 1280 .T49 Family]. Three volume loose-leaf service. See vol. 3, Ch. 12, Child Support, and Chapter 13, Modification of Child Support.

Texas Transaction Guide [2nd Floor, Reserve, KFT1268 .K45]. See vol. 23, Ch. 103, Provisions for Spousal and Child Support.

Additional Sources on the Internet

Texas Child Support Division, Office of the Attorney General.   http://www.oag.state.tx.us/child/index.shtml

Texas Child Support Issues, from the Law Offices of Raggio & Raggio, Dallas, Texas.  http://www.raggiolaw.com/txart02.html

Support Guidelines.com.  http://www.supportguidelines.com/links.html.  Child support guidelines for states and U.S. territories, new cases and news articles, links to child support calculators by state and selected foreign countries. 

Revised August 2010.